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Protect the World

OCOI is an environmentally conscious, sun safe swimwear brand

OCOI swim team strive to create a swimwear collection with integrity and respect for the planet and to work with the most sustainable materials and suppliers as possible.

Our pieces are made with love and respect for the planet

OCOI believes in acting mindfully and responsibly with ethical consciousness at the heart of our label. For this reason, all our swimsuits for women and children, and all of our rash guards are made using ECONYL® regenerated nylon that comes from ocean waste

 All our pieces are manufactured ethically in a small family run factory near Barcelona, Spain.


The company that makes it all possible for us is AQUAFIL, the creator of ECONYL®


How AQUAFIL makes it possible?

Healthy Seas, a journey from waste to wear, is an initiative that Aquafil founded in 2013 with another business and an NGO.

The purpose of the initiative is to clean the oceans and seas of marine litter such as derelict fishnets responsible for the needless death of marine animals.

FAO and UNEP estimate that there are 640,000 tons of fishing nets in the oceans. These fishing nets, often called ghost nets, are responsible for the accidental capture of whales, turtles, birds and other marine mammals. This problem only continues to get worse each year.

Healthy Seas applies a two-way approach to achieve its mission. First, recovering ghost fishing nets from our seas and second, preventing that waste fishing nets will end up in the marine ecosystem. These prevention actions are implemented with the help of fishermen communities as well as with educational programs.

The fishing nets recovered in collection points from the sea bed by volunteer divers are sent to Aquafil’s Slovenian regeneration plant. There, thanks to a unique recycling process, the fishing nets of Healthy Seas, together with other nylon waste material, are regenerated to make first quality nylon yarn called ECONYL®.

This 100% regenerated nylon yarn, coming from waste material, is what we use to make our swimwear !!! 

Econyl COCOI swim recycled yarn